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"I come from proud a family that has been involved with public service for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. I am not a politician,
I am a local who struggles with all the same issues as our local population. 

First Priority

As I walk my neighborhood and speak with the constituents of my district, I find one of the most repeated concerns is the rise in
crime. We are not living in the same Hawai’i we used to.

To make matters worse, our legislators at the Capitol are making it easier for Criminals to commit crimes through bills like HB 1567 which eliminates the use of monetary bail. HB 1567 would be terrible for the safety of our neighborhoods.


We need representatives who will take a stand for the best interests of the People and fight back against legislation like this so that it cannot pass through. Additionally I would be aggressive in writing legislation that is tough on crime.

Bills like 1597 1697, and another 2125, are atrocious. They all need have a spotlight shown on them including the individuals who proposed them or voted in their favor. 

Creating an affordable Hawai'i

The People of Hawaii need to be the first priority above
the special interest groups. Last year alone we saw approximately 13,000 people leave the island and there will most definitely be more to follow. The top reason cited for people choosing to leave was the cost of living, the second was the lack of quality jobs. It is entirely possible to implement change that will take us from the opposite direction from where we have been heading.

Parents' Rights in Education

There is a growing concern of what is going on in the public and private schools (including the mandatory masking of our keiki and the deviation from objective learning towards oversexualization and the indoctrination of un Godly principals), the loss of individual liberties over the last 2 years.


The People need more authentic representation in areas like the Board of Education. We need to have a Board that is elected by County from The People. 


Bills like 1597 1697, 2125, 4980 are atrocious. They all need have a spotlight shown on them including the individuals who proposed them or voted in their favor. 

Taxation and Deregulation

I would like to see the reduction of taxes for local residents. Eliminating a tax on food is just one way to help offset the crippling inflation. Allowing local farmers who are providing food to the islands to operate tax free is another way in which we can help grow a more sustainable lifestyle for our communities. 


Lawmakers who are in office now want to raise taxes but doing so would hurt the People of Hawai'i. The Government needs to get out of the way of the people, deregulation and lowering taxes will allow for small businesses to thrive and grow on the islands. Small businesses and the middle class are the economic backbone of our economy and thus should be accommodated and supported. 


I will also fight for reformation of the Jones Act for our islands. For too long empty promises of "creating an affordable Hawai'i" coupled with terrible legislation crush the future of our children's ability to thrive at home. 

"The protectionist federal maritime law costs the average Hawaii family almost $1,800 a year, according to the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii’s groundbreaking study, “Quantifying the cost of the Jones Act to Hawaii.” The new research shows that the Jones Act overall costs Hawaii $1.2 billion annually, including 9,100 fewer jobs and $148 million in unrealized tax revenues. Discussing the U.S.-build requirement of the act specifically, the study says removing it would save the state $531.7 million a year, add 3,860 jobs and generate $30.8 million in state and local tax revenues." 

Agriculture Economy

Time is of the essence with bringing Hawaii back as an agricultural
powerhouse in the United States, Today, Hawaii spends about $3 billion annually to import 90% of the food it produced in the 1970s. We pay some of the highest prices for food in the country. Should the supply line between the mainland and the island be cut off, millions of residents and tourists risk starvation.

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