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MEET Joelle 

New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

As the daughter of a Bible Translator I grew up on a small island in the Manus province of Papua New Guinea. I came back to America when I was 18 and spent 10 years living in Washington before moving to Oahu. I now live in Palolo with my Fiancé and our dog Harley. 


The majority of the Hawaiian side of my family in my Great Grandmother's Generation, moved to the mainland for more opportunity. I decided to choose to struggle over the high cost of living and incredible taxes so that I can live in the culture and home of my ancestors. Never has it been more clear that the decision my Great Grandparents made, to move the family off island, provided us with opportunities the island was not producing.  


Working for 12 years with Walmart serving the communities I've worked in has provided me ample training in the area of service to others. We know in Retail, that the customer is always right. In its literal sense, this is not always true. The spirit of this mantra however, is a skill that taught me to listen so that I can work with others to form solutions. I worked with the company 3 years as a Customer Service Manager, and 8 years as an Assistant Manager. Navigating solutions to problems WITH people by truly hearing their concerns was always a winning strategy. 


Being a leader in the community is a very humbling experience. Through servant leadership, which is the only true way to lead, you have to be willing to do the tasks that Not everyone wants to do. 

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