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One of the most impactful ways to flex your civic force is to volunteer for a political campaign.

Support the candidate who will fight for your values and for the community.

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What Joelle Is All About

My Love for God, Country, Hawaii, and the People of our State.

I am conservative who believes that small government is the approach that works best for The People. There is evidence that when the Government gets out of the way, people truly flourish in life. The middle class and small businesses are the backbone of the economy of our country. Hawaii needs to readjust its priorities so that the people can thrive. 

Freedom of the People


America's founding documents are predicated on God and the Bible. The Declaration of Independence states, “ [Men] are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Remembering where we came from as a Nation can help us coarse correct back to our roots and back to God.

My Decision to Run for Office

The last couple years especially have been devastating to our state and the people that live here. Hawaii's leadership has been oppressing it's people bringing economic devastation. I saw so many locals leave the island over the last year alone. I decided that I needed to contribute to producing a solution, and at first i wasn't sure what direction that would take me.


My action to enter this race began with the question, “How can I contribute to our recalibration as a Nation? The answer became my focus. We can change the direction if we can regain the legislative power and take back the reigns from those that seek to put Hawai'i and Locals last.  


Christians must boldly come together and seek change through our leadership. Our State needs Men and Women who have a Fear of God and will reestablish the boundaries for which the Government should not ever cross. 


I am not a politician, my efforts in this run are so that I might be able to serve the people in my district. I have been dismayed to see our elected officials repeatedly ignore the voice of the people. Their actions through their legislation do not reflect the best interests of the people. 

We Need More Warriors


I know that in order for us to see true policy change we need to be the majority. I will introduce legislation but if we don’t have more warriors taking a stand there will be limitations in effectiveness. We need to focus on a strategy to gain back control and it will not happen overnight.

I understand that doing well on a small scale will translate into
where we end up on the grand scale. When I see the leviathan of the current one party system we have in place I remind myself that if we have the faith of a mustard seed we can accomplish the things that seem impossible.

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